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Random-ness is the key in my world...

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The Randomness of Australian Teenagers...
It has finally occurred to me, after god knows how long, that in every state, all over Australia, the random qualities of Australian Teenagers vary.

First, I thought that it was just the difference in area, but I'm beginning to think that maybe it has to do with the difference in weather, or perhaps there is even something in the water.

But now, I've evaluated that Melbourians are just plain random, in a completely different way than any other state.

For example, today at lunch, we had a very 'productive' discussion.

It begun with Doctor Who, and all the awesome icons that come from this website, then fanfiction, then Harry Potter, and then how Harry Potter is basically a fiction whorehouse,then, somehow, the conversation drifted towards...

Hamster Eyeball Soup.

Could somebody please explain the logic in it? Because I for one, can't see a shred of logical sense in our lunch time discussions.

Rant over.

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Lol, who knows xD. Though I suppose I don't think it's just Australian teens that do this. Loads of teens do this though maybe coz you and I are primarily in Australia we surmize we're just random which we are xP.

I don't think there is any logic that can explain our conversations.
We just get distracted so easily that conversations can change topics so easily xP.

Lol. It just occurred to me and I was like 'WHOA. I knew that we were random, but seriously? We just shot past my expectations...'

Hehe yup that's us teenagers for ya xD.
The masterminds of random conversations xP.

Of course, especially when they happen to all revolve around British pop-culture.

Yes! It makes me laugh that we all understand what the other is on about even if it's a british tv show or whatever xP. Though alot of the time it changes into a 'debate' about an aussie thing vs a british thing. Tis quite funny to be in on xD.

Tehehe xD I love our silly little minds ;D

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