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Chapter One
Name: Fated
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/s:Barty/Hermione, Barty/Hermione/Regulus
Disclaimer: All I own is the plot, which is quite under-developed at the moment...


From the shadows watched a man. A man that had been presumed and then officially pronounced dead. But still, this man watched. He watched and waited, his tongue darting out in a snake-like manner every minute or so. The man chuckled sinisterly as his objective came into view. He grinned darkly as his objective, his prey, stopped what she was doing. Her scent became thick with paranoia and fear. The man closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, consuming her addictive scent. He licked his lips, growling softly as he crouched.

Mine… My witch.” He rasped, but not loud enough to alert her or any other creatures in the ForbiddenForest. At least, not until he wished to be noticed. But, his prey was indeed a paranoid one, and with good reason. The man’s lustful gaze became even more heated. The young woman whipped out a light brown stick from her pocket.

“My, aren’t you a paranoid one? Such a skittish little kitty.” He hissed from the darkness that concealed him.

“Who’s there?” She called out from behind a façade of faux innocence and bravery.

“‘Who’, my dear? Shouldn’t you be asking ‘what’, my beautiful witch?”

“Fine, then. Who and what are you?” The man clicked his tongue, smirking arrogantly. She narrowed her gaze, even though she couldn’t see him.

Such a clever witch. Who am I? I am your Fate, witch. You’re mine. Always have been. And you always will be mine no matter what some boy does to try and hold you sway. Idiotic old man! He thought that he could take you away from me! Oh no. No, no, no. It’s almost time for you to return to me, my beloved.” His prey gripped her wand fiercely, her stance that of an Amazonian warrior.

“Are you a Death Eater?” The man’s maniacal laughter echoed throughout the deserted Forest.

‘Well done, my witch. You always were smart. Oh so smart. My smart witch.” The man watches as the woman turned her body and sprinted off towards the Castle near the edge of the ForbiddenForest. He snarls her name.

“Her…Mi...ONE!” He roars, his body forming and twisting into that of a fox’s. The fox smirks and sniffs her lingering scent, its black fur rippling with excitement, a mad gleam in its eyes. He pants at the prospect of a chase. The fox lifts his muzzle, growling a victory bark. His vixen wasn’t going to escape him. The man inside knew that the battle was won. Now, all that remained was for him to claim his prize. A female to mate with.


The young woman raced through the dense forest, swerving and dodging trees expertly. Her heart thumped in fear. Like all prey, she sought to escape. But to give in to her pursuer, didn’t mean her end.

“Great Merlin, he’s mad!” She hissed before she took the form of an animal. A vixen. With a much smaller form, she made it out quicker. Once on the soft grass outside of the Castle, she stopped. The madman hadn’t followed her out. Her ears pricked up as an animal approached from the dense forest. Another fox. She yelped as she was tackled to the ground by said fox, tackling for dominance. She turned back into a human as the fox sank its teeth into her bushy fur. The fox took the form of a human, straddling her thighs as she hit the ground.

“An animagus!” She croaked, a thin trickle of blood trailing down the man’s mouth. He wiped it away and nuzzled the bite. The man clapped mockingly and healed the bite.


“Ah!” He cut her off with a quick movement. When she saw his eyes, she cried out.

“No, it’s impossible, you’re dead!” The man shushed her again, this time with his fingers.

‘Ah ah, precious witch! We wouldn’t want to alert anyone, now would we, my dearest? It would be a shame if you had to investigate the death of a student, now wouldn’t it? Her-mi-one?” The man purred seductively, nuzzling her neck almost lovingly.

“What do you want, Crouch?” She spat, trying to push him off her. She gasped in shock when her thigh pressed up against his hard arousal. He pouted mockingly and trapped her wrists above her head via magic, and spread her legs underneath him, holding her ankles down with the exact same sticking charm. She glowered at him and spat in his face. He shut his eyes and wiped it away, before licking her cheek tauntingly.

“Feisty witch. I would hate to cast Silencio over you, especially as I have yet had the chance to hear you scream my name. Such beautiful sounds you make. Like shards of a shattered memory*” Tears brimmed in her eyes and he frowned disapprovingly.

“No, my dearest- No tears. If you cry, I’ll regrettably have to harm you. Now you don’t want me to have to harm you, now do you? Of course you don’t.” With that said, he lost his hands in her thick hair as he kissed her amorously. She gasped aloud and he closed his eyes, reveling in her scent. Cinnamon, wildflowers and a slight hint of musky arousal. As he pulled back, he grinned at his beloved prize, licking his lips in nostalgia.

“You still smell and taste the same, Hermione. Excellent.” He whispered softly, cupping her rosy cheek almost delicately. It seemed as if he had regained some of his lost sanity with the kiss. The young woman stared, and she couldn’t help but feel drawn to the man beneath the mad psychopath. He was exceedingly handsome if you could forget that he had scared, assaulted and bound her to the ground. There was no doubt that she was physically attracted to him, no matter how bad his persona was, nor did it matter just how insane he was. He pressed his mouth against her ear, and slid his wand up her wrists.

“If I release your wrists, would you attempt to physically harm me?”

“No…” She whispered back. He flicked his wand and her bounds fell free. She slid her arms down her sides and stared up at her captor. He stared back. His gaze traveled over her flushed face, concentrating mainly on her swollen lips. He groaned once more, muttering a few choice swear words before bringing his mouth down to indulge once more. Her hands slowly slid up his chest, gripping the lapels of his trench coat. He probed her mouth greedily as she moaned. His heart was thumping in time with hers as her tongue naively dueled with his own. His dark gaze burned into her amber orbs as she shrugged him out of his trench coat and waistcoat, her fingers gripping, trailing up to his hair. He growled softly, pulling back. He didn’t miss her whimper as he did so. He shushed her as he nuzzled her neck softly.

“Crouch?” She asked, wondering why he had stopped.

“Time’s running out. And call me Barty, mine witch.” He hissed, returning to his passionate kiss with the maturing woman beneath him. She moaned as her lover ripped her blouse open and cupped her breasts, pulling down on her bra. His now free hands unzipped her jeans and he tore them off her, along with her socks.

“Fuck!” He growled as she lifted her hips, grazing his erection. He groaned as his prize kissed the column of his throat, unbuttoning his shirt as quickly as possible. She wrinkled her nose and he chuckled softly.

“Why so impatient, dearest? We’ll get there, I promise.” She huffed defiantly and he laughed, kissing her neck, licking, biting and sucking on her skin.

“Fuck, you’re a goddess!” She blushed, smiling brightly, exploring his chest, kissing his skin. He groaned and ripped her bra and panties completely away. She squeaked and helped him out of his pants. He stared at her, clearly concerned.

“Are you…?” She nodded meekly. He smiled, cupping her cheek tenderly.

“Such a precious gift.” He reached down and slid a finger into her. She gasped and moaned softly. She whimpered as he thrusted into her quick, tearing her innocence away.

“Shh, beautiful, I know it hurts, but shh…Fuck.” She giggled weakly and he frowned. He kissed her eagerly, caressing her body. She began to enjoy it, through the pain, arching her back with each deep thrust of his. He thrusted in and out, panting against her neck.

“Barty!” She cried out, seeing stars as he brought her to climax. He roared, digging his fingers into the soft grass beneath them, increasing his speed as he brought himself to a climax. He glanced down at her, apologetic.

“Forgive me.” He murmured, sucking on her earlobe.

“Barty, I’m sorry.” He shook his head and kissed her forehead, lying on his side, still connected. She smiled at her Death Eater and all of a sudden, gasped as he sucked on her neck, gripping her body to his.

“Barty, ah!” She whispered as he thrusted into her once more. She panted heavily.

“You belong to me, my goddess. Don’t fret, as we’ll see each other soon. We’ll meet again. Our future is in the past.”


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