The normal is psychotic.Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity.

Random-ness is the key in my world...

I guess I'd better join the bandwagon and take a leap of faith, right?
1. Well, where to start? I've been a Doctor Who fan ever since I was little, when they used to run the re-runs on ABC, and before David Tennant, Tom Baker was my favourite (I've ALWAYS wanted one of those scarves...)

2. I only recently started writing seriously, which is why there has been an ultimate decrease in my fanfiction, sorry about that. But I've been writing fanfiction ever since I was seven, my first fanfiction was about the Lion King...

3. I'm very eccentric in most ways, and always believe that there is no simple 'black and white', but many shades of grey, which is why I enjoy writing about the 'evil' characters in some fandoms, and exploring the characters that either get killed off early or are simple forgotten about. My Tennant 'obsession'(So sad that I'm admitting this, as normally I just object by saying 'I don't obsess, I think intensely!) has helped me develop characters such as Barty Crouch Junior and Sir Piers Pomfrey. After all, he plays the bad guy so well!

4. I'm an Australian who's obsessed with all things British. I love their society and pop culture, it's just so amazing! I hope to move to the UK after a few years.

5. I'm not all that religious, in fact, I border on Agnostic/Atheist, just because that is my idea of faith. One of my pet peeves is when people shove their religion in your face, I cannot stand that WHATSOEVER!

6. I love to read. Period. If there is something in front of with words on it I can't stop myself. I HAVE to read it. It's gotten me in trouble a bit, but I can't help it. Curiosity killed the cat, but it hasn't killed me yet!

7.I love Musical Theatre. In fact, my favourite Musical is: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: The Gothic Musical. I think that Linda Eder has an absolutely amazing voice, and would love to actually own the live soundtrack, but alas, I cannot.

8.I'm a rather quiet person unless it's something that I'm passionate about.

9. I love Catherine Tate, I think that she's an amazing role model for younger children, and would love to have hair like hers.

10. And finally, I sing in the shower. Sad, but true.

Friends POTO Fic
My friend Millie has requested that I post this up as she would like to see if anyone likes it! It's a Sarah Brightman/Michael Crawford RPF, Hope you all like!


Michael sat comfortably in an armchair.Collapse )

Writer's Block: Forget me not
What is your earliest vivid memory? Why do you think this memory stands out so much in your mind?

Seeing my dad cut his leg open with the circular saw. Maybe it stands out because I'm morbid?

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Title: Chapter Six
Rating: PG
Word Count: 394
Disclaimer: Clearly not mine... If it were, The Doctor and Donna would be slumming it in space...

Writer's Block: Secret song
What's the most embarrassing CD or track in your music library? How often do you listen to it? Do you share it with your friends or keep it to yourself?

The most embarassing song in my music library?

I listen to it every so often, so about every week or so...

Embarassing much?

The Randomness of Australian Teenagers...
It has finally occurred to me, after god knows how long, that in every state, all over Australia, the random qualities of Australian Teenagers vary.

First, I thought that it was just the difference in area, but I'm beginning to think that maybe it has to do with the difference in weather, or perhaps there is even something in the water.

But now, I've evaluated that Melbourians are just plain random, in a completely different way than any other state.

For example, today at lunch, we had a very 'productive' discussion.

It begun with Doctor Who, and all the awesome icons that come from this website, then fanfiction, then Harry Potter, and then how Harry Potter is basically a fiction whorehouse,then, somehow, the conversation drifted towards...

Hamster Eyeball Soup.

Could somebody please explain the logic in it? Because I for one, can't see a shred of logical sense in our lunch time discussions.

Rant over.

Chapter One
Name: Fated
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/s:Barty/Hermione, Barty/Hermione/Regulus
Disclaimer: All I own is the plot, which is quite under-developed at the moment...


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Name:Protector(Inspiration from mihane_echo 's Valentines Day art meme)
Disclaimer...Neither the picture that this drabble was inspired from nor the characters are mine.
It was nice for once to simply relax. After what seemed like days of running back and forth,saving alien planets and getting the Doctor out of constant tight spots,like always,it was nice to have a lie in. I watched him,a small smile gracing my lips as he shut his eyes,giving in to sleep. I moved closer to him,his slight warmth comforting me. I reached out to touch his lips,smoothing them over as I would to a small child. Our foreheads were touching lightly as his hand encircled my wrist. With a sigh of contentment, I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

Here is the pic-NOT MINE!

LJ Poll: Fanfiction...
Poll #1518090 How many Chapters For 'Looking Through Your Eyes?

How many chapters?

Or a completely random number?

Looking Through Your Eyes...

Name: Chapter Five

 Author: [info]dr_donnashipper 
 Rating: NC-17 (PG For This Chapter)
 Word Count:
 Disclaimer: Clearly not mine... If it was, The Doctor and Donna would be slumming it in space.
I smirked as a small groan passed her lips.Collapse )


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